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NEMO®, Your Choice for LACT Unit Pipeline Pumps

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LACT units or Lease Automatic Custody Transfer units are critical systems designed for the automatic transfer of ownership of liquid hydrocarbons  (crude oil and petroleum products) between the buyer and seller. The main objective of LACT unit is to measure, sample and transfer the hydrocarbons from the production site to trucks, pipelines and / or storage tanks. A crucial component of the LACT system is the appropriately named “pipeline pump”. It is key to ensure efficient and reliable operation. The pump requirements are extremely high because it must accommodate a wide range of crude oil types and properties including:
  • Various temperatures
  • API Grades – from extra heavy oil with API gravity < 10 up to light sweet crude oil with a typical stream quality of 0.17 -0.20% sulfur and 40 - 42° API gravity.
  • Presence of entrained gases (H2S, CO2)
  • Various BS & W contents
  • Wax contents, contaminants, corrosives and deposits.

This equipment must also withstand harsh conditions such as wind, rain, snow and low or extremely high ambient temperatures. On top of these conditions, the units, either as stationary or skid mounted designs, are very often installed in isolated areas without close maintenance or operator attendance. A LACT unit can be likened to a cash register – and a failure of the pipeline pump would lead to interruption of the production combined with substantial loss of revenues, therefore, your LACT system is just as good as the pipeline pump in the system.

Why NEMO® Pumps?
NETZSCH NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pumps are the best choice for LACT systems. They are efficient, extremely reliable and modular. Our field-proven advanced technology can effectively handle a wide range of hydrocarbons.
NEMO® pumps provide a constant, smooth and non-pulsating flow. The volume practically remains unaffected by viscosity changes which ensures accurate flow readings downstream and eliminates the need for costly pulsation dampeners (which are required in combination with reciprocating pumps).

Unlike many other rotary positive displacement pumps, such as gear or external screw pumps, NEMO® progressing cavity pumps have only one mechanical seal, which is located on the low pressure, suction side of the pump. In addition, NEMO® progressing cavity pumps have no close metal-to-metal clearances or internal bushings, and operate at low speeds with lower shear and NPSH requirements. Repairs are easier and less expensive with only one major wearing part, the rubber stator.
NEMO® pumps are engineered for operational flexibility, efficiency and durability and provide significant cost-saving benefits. Our patented, doubled-sealed, oil-lubricated gear joints have two times the life time of conventional grease-lubricated gear joints and outperform grease-lubricated pin joints by five fold.

Wetted parts are available in numerous materials such as cast iron, Carbon steel, stainless steel Cr-Ni-Mo 17-12-2, Duplex stainless, Super Duplex, Hastelloy and Titanium.

A wide range of rubber compounds, developed, tested and produced in our own factories and designed for challenging artificial lift pump applications are also available for surface LACT pumps and enable us to provide the best and most economical solution. Whether the application requires a standard BUNA, or a BUNA with a higher ACN content, HNBR or different Viton grades, NETZSCH can match the specifics of any application.

The range of capabilities and pressures is wide enough to meet your needs:

  • Flow rates up to 2,200 gpm / 75,000 BPD
  • Pressures up to 1080 psi / 72 bar
  • Special designs up to 3000 psi / 207 bar
  • Reduced wall stators produce up to 50% more pressure per stage